Transformation and Changes

Your needs

  • Are you wanting to review your structure? Would your processes benefit from being adapted to new circumstances?
  • Do you want to develop a new culture or new practices?
  • Are you looking for levers to successfully carry out changes or a transformation?
  • Are you moving premises and would like the operation to be positively perceived?
  • Have you merged? Are you planning to purchase another company?

Our services

We work with you and your company’s managers in order to accurately determine the risks and essential features. Together, we create action plans and indicators to give visibility and to drive change in a proactive and effective way.

The process uses our Bird® diagnostic tool. It includes interviews followed by report-back and training sessions. A plan is then drawn up to make changes adapted to your circumstances and projects.


“You clearly identified and established measures for the problems that we noticed but didn’t know how to define and organise. You’ve given us clarity and we’ve been able to make the correct choices and act.” Managing director, SME in the industry sector

“Right from my one-on-one interview with the consultant, I started to plan things in a different way. And during the report-back session, everything became clear in my mind.” Commercial manager, trade sector

An SME, which manufactures small equipment, wanted to make changes by implementing stock management for a part of its ranges, whereas before it produced items as needed.

Most of the management team’s members had always been in management. Only a minority of them were engineers whose primary focus was operations. While the company’s employees complained about a very centralised decision made by the managing director, the latter regretted that he was not able to delegate.

The Bird® diagnostic tool identifies strengths and essential features in light of future changes, in addition to risk areas, weak points and levers, to successfully carry out the desired changes without destabilising the social climate or endangering the company.

Bird® identified two main areas of work: clarity of leadership and strict project management. Strengthening these two pillars would make it immediately possible to channel, professionalise and streamline the drive for innovation.

The diagnostic tool highlighted the main essential feature with regard to performance management and mobilisation to achieve a goal. Other ways in which the company operated needed to be strengthened: talent management, interdisciplinary co-operation and the application of corporate social responsibility good practices. These were assets that had not been formalised or conveyed any other way but verbally.

The board of directors worked on the identified priorities by integrating them into specific themes or projects. The organisational changes to production, for example, provided the opportunity to establish shared project management.

The company made a huge effort to formalise and initiate the process by relying on the ability and commitment of managers. All employees were mobilised to carry out the changes by focusing on the result.

With regard to working together, the company’s new structure works, the board of directors found a balance and new practices were integrated, without the change causing specific difficulties for teams.