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Your needs

  • Do you want to resolve a conflict, increase cohesion or adapt working methods within your team?
  • Are you looking to develop a team’s potential, create synergy, or strengthen the exchange of practices between colleagues?
  • Would you like to clarify your strategy and collective objectives for the short and long term?
  • Are you looking for solutions to common managerial problems?

Our service

  • We offer coaching for teams and/or your board of directors
  • We oversee your meetings and/or your board of directors
  • We run workshops on themes such as:
    – building your strategic vision, identifying and prioritising implementation methods.
    – outlining a new structure and defining roles and responsibilities.
  • We organise team-building exercises designed to:
    – promote cohesion (using our Insight® Discovery, MBTI and Grapes® methods);
    – build team identity;
    – identify effective and relevant values and working methods to motivate a group.



“As a management team, coaching helped us create a joint vision of the direction we’re taking.”

“The support given by Seed was much appreciated and effective in creating the team’s identity, expectations and motivations.”

“Thanks to coaching, the management team has been able to develop the feeling of belonging that we’d been lacking.”

“With coaching, I, personally, was able to see that the group was working.”

“Coaching helped me to correctly identify my place in the team.”

Following the merger of two offices specialising in providing intellectual services, the directors wanted the management group, made up of 10 people, to increase its cohesion and solidarity. They also had to play a bridging role between management and the other teams.

In the first year, collaboration made it possible to create the first corporate synergies and to gain some symbolic projects.

In the second year, the offices merged and the teams found the use of HR processes, such as management, difficult.

Consequently, results were not at the desired level, competition caught up:

  • Teams struggled to unite their skills…
  • The management group found itself faced with a lack of energy, cohesion and leadership.

At the end of a diagnostic phase based on observations and collective exchanges, we presented the management group with solutions that could be used to bring the teams together:

  • create cohesion between members of the group
  • (re)define their tasks and their role both internally and externally
  • determine their place within their group’s structure
  • take ownership of a vision and objectives to complete for 2020

To do this, a support system was put in place at the end of the diagnostic phase. It included a team-building day, a half-day themed workshop and coaching sessions for the partnership formed by the two participants.

We tackled the expectation of cohesion and solidarity. The management group finally found its place. It is now ready, looking to the future, and motivated to take on the strategic objectives and to assume its bridging role with the other teams.